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Making The Most Of Camera Battery Life

Since I have arrived on the Zuiderdam, I have been getting quite a few questions about battery issues with digital cameras. Therefore, I thought I would dedicate this blog to all of those camera owners out there that seem to run down their batteries before their Shore Excursions even begin! So here are some tips […]

Battery Powered Cameras Or Wired Cameras?

One thing that tends to divide camera based security systems, and their users, is how the cameras are powered. So what are the pros and cons of battery powered security cameras compared to those that need plugging in, are there situations where one makes sense over the other and are there any real pitfalls to […]

5 Reasons For An Extra Camera Battery

I’m a worrier. I know it and I admit it. Most non-worriers probably think this is a bad thing. Well, I’m here to tell you that worrying has it’s advantages. Yes, advantages. We worriers prepare, plan, then prepare some more. We anticipate the problem before it’s a problem and usually head it off. The end […]